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Womens clothing
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Womens clothing
Women's blouses
women's clothing

ivory blouses

Womens Clothing: Wearable and Timeless Trends

Most women want to look stylish by following the trends. At the same time, they want to build a wardrobe of classics that always rise above the trends in womens clothing. You might not think so, but it is possible to do both. But if you look closely, you'll see that trends are always built on a firm foundation classic fashion.

For a strong wardrobe foundation in womens clothing, choose classic pieces that are trend-proof. Stick with neutral colors, in both dark and light tones. Good colors are gray, khaki, white or cream, navy blue, brown and black. Every woman should own a pants or skirt suit in a dark color like black or navy blue. Separates are always versatile, so also have a blazer or two and a couple of skirts or pairs of pants you can mix and match. These pieces should have clean lines and unfussy details. You'll always be able to jazz up womens clothing with pops of color from blouses, tanks or camisoles.

Black is a true wardrobe basic, no matter what type of garment you choose. It's slimming and you can wear it all year round, depending on fabric. Black linen is great for warm weather wear. A wool blend in black works well if you live in a climate where the winters are cold. Black cotton turtlenecks are a must in cold weather. Another good choice is black silk or silk-like polyester for blouses and tops to wear under blazers and jackets. Black denim jeans are a womens clothing classic you shouldn't be without.

Along with staples in black, you should have a couple of white or ivory blouses in your womens clothing wardrobe. These are endlessly versatile, whether you tuck them into your jeans or wear them under a jacket or blazer. The button-down style is a good choice, but also look for something trendy but inexpensive like a blouse with a high Victorian neck and long, full sleeves gathered in at the wrist.

A word about white: Not everyone looks good in stark, pure white tops or blouses. If this is you, consider trying ivory rather than white for your womens clothing. With its buttery undertone, ivory often works when white fails. If ivory doesn't flatter you, consider pale, pale, palest yellow, a color that looks particularly good with olive skin or a tan.

Another timeless womens clothing trend is adding romantic or feminine touches to your wardrobe's basic components. There are lots of ways to do this in womens clothing, but lace and ribbon are at the top of the list. A lacy camisole peeking out from beneath a tailored jacket or blazer emphasizes your femininity without being too girly. Even T-shirts can be romantic if they're trimmed with lace or ribbon. Also, look for ruffled tops with flowing sleeves in fabrics that drape without clinging. Even a pair of pink tennis shoes can make a surprisingly feminine fashion statement in womens clothing.

Accessories like scarves in womens clothing can be as trendy or classic as you want. Just don't load up on too many trendy accessories you won't be able to wear next year. A couple of bold, printed scarves will work great with your business look, giving your conservative black or navy blue suit an updated look. Wear your scarves as belts with jeans. You can also use them to hold your hair back or wrapped around a pony tail to conceal the elastic.

Shoes are another place to make some strategic investments to compliment your womens clothing. A pair or two of black pumps with mid-heels are wardrobe staples. Depending where you live, either ankle boots or tall-shaft boots are fashionable to wear in cool or cold weather. Don't overlook wedge heels. Because they're stable, you can go higher with a wedge than with a pump. Wedges can be open or closed and some tie or buckle around the ankle for a sexy look. Sandals are always great in summer and there are plenty of inexpensive styles to choose from. You might want to have a flat-soled sandal for comfortable walking and a higher-heeled sandal for dressier wear.

As we've shown, building a classic wardrobe of womens clothing that has trendy, stylish touches is easy once you've created a solid foundation of classic basic pieces.

ivory blouses
Womens clothing Women's blouses women's clothing
ivory blouses